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Android Mobile WiFi Controller

May 22nd, 2013

This app connects to a Huawei E587 / T-Mobile Sonic 4G, checks whether it is disconnected (from the data service) and reconnects the device if disconnected. Also when the device is “roaming”.

I made this because my T-Mobile branded, unlocked Huawei wifi/mifi cannot be configured to auto reconnect. And as I use a different (virtual) provider than T-mobile  it always assumes it is roaming. It takes many steps to reconnect and this App does this automatically in the background.

Might work on different Huawei models.






Recent changes:

– bug fix: background service did not run when app closed.

Optional features to implement

– notification bar updates
– adjustable update interval
– more status info in app: signal strength, messages, connected devices, etc (with icons)