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[deprecated don’t use this app] WiFi Ad Hoc enabler for Android

January 15th, 2012

Updated Wednesday 16 Oktober, 2013

This app used to work on certain roms on certain hardware. But on many others it didn’t and even disabled WiFi altogether.
I pulled it from the App Store but many third party stores still offer this app. I advise against using it if you are not prepared to re-flash your rom if things don’t work out.


Reported to give problems on:

  • HP Touchpad running Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS
  • HTC Tattoo, Android 2.3.7 CyanogenMod-Arco-Kalim
  • HTC Incredible S with 2.3.3 RU (Bootloop)
  • Huawei U8500 (msm7225)
  • NOOK Tablet – BNTV250 (Android 2.3.4)
  • Droid Incredible 2 running TSM GingerBangSense “M” Version 4.5  (results in a  bootloop, requires rom restore)
  • HP TouchPad  Running CM7 Alpha 3.5 (no more wifi at all, requires rom restore)
  • LG Optimus One (new update hopefully changes this)
  • GPAD M7206
  • Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL

Report statistics:

Please keep in mind that these numbers are a rough estimate. I will try to filter out duplicate reports (users who send in reports multiple times from the same device)



  • Enable WiFi Ad Hoc mode (and keep infrastructure)
  • Restore original settings


  • No WiFi signal strength visible in taskbar
  • There are reports where WiFi completely stopped working (until a factory/hard reset).


  • Root Access (Superuser)
  • BusyBox (don’t forget to actually use the BusyBox wrapper App to download the BusyBox binary!)

Use at your own risk! Please create a rom backup before using this tool.

If you successfully enabled WiFi on your device, please press the “It Works” button to report it to me. I will add your device to the list of supported devices.


Market link: WiFi Ad Hoc enabler

If you don’t have access to Android Market please use the direct download link:
WifiAdHocEnabler.apk   (app removed until I have time to update it properly)


Szymon for creating the wpa_supplicant file that allows you to see Ad Hoc networks (

RootTools, a library that allows easy root related tasks:

The future

It was fun working on this app, but it has proven to be difficult to make something that enables Ad Hoc on a wide spectrum of Android devices. Therefor I will no longer be updating the application and will remove the “report to developer” option. My next project:  running Linux native on my Galaxy Tab P7510.
Starting point will be this thread by poitee ->

Thanks for all the feedback.


Update: March 4, 2012

Version 1.8.3 is out.

Hopefully added the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 with ICS / Android 4 to the list of supported devices.
Commands are now executed prefixed with busybox, hope this helps some of the “grep not found”  errors.