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Clean Admin UI: A new WordPress plugin to remove admin menu items

July 18th, 2011


Released two updates today with some bug fixes, compatibility update and added Plugins, Appearance and Dashboard to the items you can hide.


WordPress is a perfect blogging CMS, yet it is also flexible enough to be used for corporate / business sites. The only drawback is that the admin interface is geared towards the blogger. For example the Posts and Comments menu items aren’t needed when all you use is Pages. To present a clean and slimmed down interface to my WordPress clients I decided to create a plugin which allows you to hide certain backend menu items. This is the menu page without hiding any menu items:

Clean and easy wordpress admin menu

Clean and easy wordpress admin menu



Just go over to or search for it in your WordPress plugin section using the terms admin, menu, ui.

  • Requires WordPress 2.8 or higher
  • Added option to hide Media menu item.
  • I am thinking of creating a localized version

Let me know if there are more options you would like to see.