[deprecated don’t use this app] WiFi Ad Hoc enabler for Android

January 15th, 2012 by Arend Leave a reply »

Updated Wednesday 16 Oktober, 2013

This app used to work on certain roms on certain hardware. But on many others it didn’t and even disabled WiFi altogether.
I pulled it from the App Store but many third party stores still offer this app. I advise against using it if you are not prepared to re-flash your rom if things don’t work out.


Reported to give problems on:

  • HP Touchpad running Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS
  • HTC Tattoo, Android 2.3.7 CyanogenMod-Arco-Kalim
  • HTC Incredible S with 2.3.3 RU (Bootloop)
  • Huawei U8500 (msm7225)
  • NOOK Tablet – BNTV250 (Android 2.3.4)
  • Droid Incredible 2 running TSM GingerBangSense “M” Version 4.5  (results in a  bootloop, requires rom restore)
  • HP TouchPad  Running CM7 Alpha 3.5 (no more wifi at all, requires rom restore)
  • LG Optimus One (new update hopefully changes this)
  • GPAD M7206
  • Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL

Report statistics:

Please keep in mind that these numbers are a rough estimate. I will try to filter out duplicate reports (users who send in reports multiple times from the same device)



  • Enable WiFi Ad Hoc mode (and keep infrastructure)
  • Restore original settings


  • No WiFi signal strength visible in taskbar
  • There are reports where WiFi completely stopped working (until a factory/hard reset).


  • Root Access (Superuser)
  • BusyBox (don’t forget to actually use the BusyBox wrapper App to download the BusyBox binary!)

Use at your own risk! Please create a rom backup before using this tool.

If you successfully enabled WiFi on your device, please press the “It Works” button to report it to me. I will add your device to the list of supported devices.


Market link: WiFi Ad Hoc enabler

If you don’t have access to Android Market please use the direct download link:
WifiAdHocEnabler.apk   (app removed until I have time to update it properly)


Szymon for creating the wpa_supplicant file that allows you to see Ad Hoc networks ( http://szym.net/2010/12/adhoc-wifi-in-android/)

RootTools, a library that allows easy root related tasks: http://code.google.com/p/roottools/

The future

It was fun working on this app, but it has proven to be difficult to make something that enables Ad Hoc on a wide spectrum of Android devices. Therefor I will no longer be updating the application and will remove the “report to developer” option. My next project:  running Linux native on my Galaxy Tab P7510.
Starting point will be this thread by poitee -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1189251

Thanks for all the feedback.


Update: March 4, 2012

Version 1.8.3 is out.

Hopefully added the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 with ICS / Android 4 to the list of supported devices.
Commands are now executed prefixed with busybox, hope this helps some of the “grep not found”  errors.


  1. Sami says:

    Thank you very much..
    this is very helpful..good job.
    please don’t stop developing for Android 🙂

    • Arend says:

      Thanks Sami,

      I’m thinking of creating a tool that allows for multi user functionality in Android. I have to research what’s possible and this for sure will be a big challenge!

  2. Pathma says:

    I couldn’t connect my Galaxy S2 to my Laptop ADSL? Does this application solve ADhoc problem Galaxy S2?

    Andorid 2.3.4 , Kernel, Baseband I9100GDZKH5,

    • Arend says:

      It depends, does your laptop present itself as an Ad Hoc wireless network as opposed to a regular infrastructure network ?
      This is often true as a laptop cannot provide the same functionality as a WiFi hotspot. Is your S2 rooted ? Do you have BusyBox and Superuser installed ?
      You will at the very least have to disable the compatibility check (found in the settings menu) before being able to proceed with my app.
      Please let me know if it works for you so I can add the S2 to the list.

  3. maruf says:

    Please add desire HD on the apps

  4. macmac says:

    Please add the Kindle fire thx lot

  5. ralf says:

    Samsung GT-P7511 with Android 3.2 is not supported. Disabling compatibility check not solve the problem. The device is rooted and busybox is installed…

  6. ainol says:

    pls add support for
    device model: NOVO7 Advanced
    android release ver.:2.3.4

    thanks in advance

  7. Yz says:


    As Ralf said, checking the compatibility mode doesn’t allow to proceed the process of changing the file. My phone is GT-i9000, version: 2.3.6. I was hoping that I would give it a try so I can confirm whether it works or not on i9000.

    • Arend says:

      Thanks for explaining. I will release an updated version today to fix that.
      Thanks for explaining. I forgot, you will have to press the first button (verify prerequisites) before you can continue after disabling the compatibility check. (I will change that in an upcoming version.)

  8. ralf says:

    you will find a screenshot under this link:


    The message appears before i can press “enable wifi ad-hoc”

  9. ralf says:

    it was installed from the marked.
    meantime i have installed the wpa_supplicant file over the terminal, but your tool would be the better choice to make adhoc’s available

    • Arend says:

      Yep, I had already done it by hand too, but having an app would simplify the process when testing out new roms.

      For my understanding:
      1 You pressed the verify button.
      2 Popup, not compatible
      3 Disable compat check
      4 press verify button again
      5 Still the popup about not being compatible ?

      Is that how you tested it ?

  10. LucRib says:

    Pls add support for:

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1010 (Wi-Fi Only)

    Android release ver.:2.2.2 – Froyo.UJKM5



  11. tmliberty says:

    Pls Add support for

    Device : Samsung Galaxy SL i9003
    Model : GT-I9003
    Firmware : 2.3.6

    Waiting for this since a very long time.

  12. ZuBeY says:

    Please add support for:
    GSmart 1317D
    Android v.2.2.2

  13. raZor says:

    Could you please provide a download link, as my device isn’t connecting to the market

  14. Nakao says:

    Hello, can you add support for HTC Flyer?
    Device model: HTC Flyer (Brightstar)
    OS: Android 3.2.1

  15. thesunfei says:

    It works well on my android 2.3.3 phone.
    Device is BBK vivo v1,made in China.
    ROM is eng.compiler.2012011.230240

  16. tmliberty says:

    tried v1.7 on Galaxy SL i9003 . Wifi automatically disables after 10-15 secs.

    I believe you have to include support for TI OMAP3630 chipset used by this device.

    Btw, I have tried all ways to get ad-hoc wifi on my phone , yet nothing till date seems to work.
    1)wpa_supplicant method (Wifi Analyser can see the ad-hoc connection but phone can’t connect)
    2)reverse tether by bridging connections and then dhcp eth0 method (here this doesnt work because it only shows tiwlan0 and ‘dhcpcd tiwlan0’ doesnt work)
    3)softwares like connectify , mhotspot etc do not work for me either.

    Here is what i found http://code.google.com/p/adhoc-on-android/

    Dude , you are doing great ! pls get it working soon for all devices.

    • Arend says:

      I looked it up, but it doesn’t sound like something that can easily me implemented. Looked for other options but not much info available I guess. Let me know if you find out more.

  17. abdc says:

    I have a samsung galaxy R (I-9013); the little brother of the galaxy S2. I’ve installed superuser v2.3.6.1, but I can’t for busyuser because superuser don’t help to reach the root access. In the end, the Wifi adhoc don’t turn. Please help me.

    • Arend says:

      I’ve had my fair share of superuser issues. Sometimes the allow dialog doesn’t popup and pretty much stops the requesting process dead in its track. Reinstalling superuser and rebooting did the trick for me (I think) I think xda-developers.com would be the best place get support on this specific issue.

  18. Marco says:

    Hi, I’m not able to find “Disable compatibility check” under Settings. Is this in the same place for all tablets?
    I’ve a cheap Chinese tablet with Android 2.3.

  19. Marco says:

    I’ve just realised that maybe I misunderstood….
    When you say “Settings” do you refer to your program or Android settings?

    • Arend says:

      It is an option in the app itself, using the menu button you can often go to the settings tab. On my galaxy tab however it is located on the bottom left corner of the screen.

  20. Sashi says:

    Great work!

    Could you please add support for Xperia Neo…

  21. costadenis says:


    I really dont know what occur.

    I installed both app and created ad hoc network on windows 7 and launched wifi ad hoc enabler.

    I followed all steps of instructions and everything was ok. Turned on tablet wifi and found adhoc network recently created on windows, after password the device doesnt connect. Im on samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (gt-p7500). What am i doing wrong.?

  22. Danielle says:

    Hello, I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G. Can u explain how to root my device? Also, what is busybox? Thanks

  23. Szempy says:

    Hello, could you add support for Novo 7 Paladin ICS 4.0.3 with kernel : 3.0.8-svn649 i sent the report mail too, if you need other things, please contact me.
    Thanx, and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Arend says:

      You’ve got mail

      • Max says:

        Hi, i have a tablet TAB 001 Allwinner A13, well this tab can see Ad hoc network by default but didnt connect them, after i have installed Ad hoc enabler wi-fi didnt start, well i return on stock,now again it can see ad hoc but cannot connect.This is my specification Allwinner A13 Android 4.0.4 Kernel version 3.0.8+
        build number nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20131102 test keys.I have changed wpa supplicant too ,but after that wi fi didnt start.Wi-Fi chip in this tablet is Realtek,so please can help me?answer on email please.Sorry about my bad english.Thanks a lot

  24. Marco says:

    Some troubles here….
    Device: m7206
    Android release: 2.3.3

    I’ve disabled compatibility check, verified pre-requisites (OK), enabled wifi ad hoc (pop up says OK), but now when I switch on wifi it finds nothing and automatically switch off after 15 sec.
    If I restart the app it says that ad hoc is already enabled.
    Not able to restore previous settings (appropriate tab not highlighted).
    Now wifi isn’t working. Any suggestion?

    • Marco says:

      Update: after few trials now I can tap on restore previous settings (pop up OK) but no real changes, wifi still switch off after 15 sec.

      Manually restoring original wpa_supplicant seems everything restarted working, but of course no ad hoc…

      • Arend says:

        Thank your for your info Marco, could sent me a logreport? Just the verify report should suffice

        • Marco says:

          Report sent, waiting for your suggestions.

          • Giuseppe says:

            Hi Marco and Arend. I have the same device, kernel and and android as Marco. Same problem wifi turns off after 15 seconds no adhoc displays in list. Can not find the compatibility check to uncheck only shows ABOUT when I press the menu. Can restore by pressing the restore, if it is not highlighted do step 1) and 2) again then press restore straight after step 2). Marco and Arend is there a solution for our device?

    • Charles says:

      I also have the m7206 and would like to know if there is something that can be done for this device.

      Marco, if you happen to find out how to enable WiFi Ad Hoc mode please respond back and let me know.


  25. Brad says:

    Works well on Inspire, except that if I connect to one hotspot and disconnect, it seems to have trouble connecting after that. I have to disable and re-enable wifi to get it to work. Otherwise, it sits and scans, but never sees any SSIDs.

  26. LakovicS says:

    Working on my THRIVE. Ad hoc wifi on iphone4

  27. DNK says:

    Hi, Arend!
    I have a same trouble as «tmliberty», on same divice (post – January 22, 2012 at 12:10 pm ) – Galaxy SL i9003 (2.3.6). Wifi automatically disables after 10-15 secs…. and dont show any point…

    Afrer fist reboot device I can Restore original settings, and Wifi scanner works correctly, and I can view all access point around, and… I tried run the «WiFi Ad Hoc enabler» again.

    But, after second rebooting I can’t Restore original settings… 10-15 secs… ? WiFi Disable.

    P.S. I have a backup 🙂 device not killed.
    Anyway, thanks for you work!!! You give up hope! 🙂

    • Arend says:

      Hi DNK,

      Thank you for your detailed explanation. I am currently working on a new version that will have a better backup procedure. It will also have some other improvements. Is the Galaxy SL i9003 known to be modifiable to allow for ad hoc networks ? If so please give me a link so I can look up the specifics for enabling your device.

  28. Capta76 says:


    My Acer A100 Wifi is working great off my Iphone 4 using PDAnet!

  29. rain says:


    i installed this application in my samsung galaxy young but when i click verify prerequisites, it says “unable to gain root access, please verify you have rooted your device. If already done, please grant this application root access.” I have already grant the access from superuser application. Please help me.

  30. LucRib says:

    Hello! someone has tested this version in the model Galaxy Tab Samsung GT-P1010 (Wi-Fi Only). Android release: 2.2.2 – Froyo.UJKM5. Kernel:
    In the Android Market, it seems that works, but …

  31. mario says:

    Please support asus prime

  32. Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) says:

    i used this application with my samsung galaxy Y GT-S5360 and i cant use my wifi anymore.. hope you have have solution in that error.. Please help me.. how to enable my wifi again..

  33. amsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360 running 2.3.6) says:

    I did on my SS Galaxy Y running 2.3.6:
    – Root the phone
    – Install Busybox
    – Install this app from market
    – Reboot device
    – Run the app, verify prerequisites successful, enable wifi adhoc successful.
    But: when restart wifi, it can’t detect the adhoc wifi signal from my laptop.
    Please help! (srr for my English!)

    • Arend says:

      Please use the restore function for now. As I don’t have such a device, I have to rely on others coming up with solutions that enable Ad Hoc mode.

  34. BaoBao says:

    Does not work on x10 Stock Rom 2.3.3
    please fix it.

  35. ralf says:

    meantime it works great on Samsung GT-P7511 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N)

    thank you very much for your great work…

  36. 42 says:

    On my Samsung Note
    – it shows the ad-hoc network
    – cannot save the network when I enter the password

  37. Thatkid says:

    Please ad asus Prime =)

  38. Mark says:

    This use to work on my HTC Magic on CM7, but now the 1.8 freezes my WIFI and i don’t have a back-up of the older version 🙁 . I hope you could send me an older one i forgot which version that is working for me but it’s on the old UI

    my mail is thank you so much, i really love your app.

    • Arend says:

      Hi Mark, I don’t have an older version laying around but I do know what changed over time and would like to know what made it not working for you anymore. Could you somehow send me a report from your HTC ? ?

  39. Fabio says:

    Hi, I used it on my Galaxy Ace. Appeare this message: grep:not found.
    Unable to execute root commands using the su binary while mounting system partition. Please verify root access and busybox n your device.

    Thanks in advance.
    Fabio Italy

    • Arend says:

      Hi Fabio, I see this error quite often in the log reports. All I can think of is that my app is unable to access the busybox provided “grep” command. Have you downloaded busybox using the busybox app ?

  40. leyo says:

    works great on my samsung galaxy prevail

  41. Charbel (Samsung Galaxy S2) says:

    The installation went smoothly, in addition, i was able to enable wifi ad-hoc, yet i found a small problem, when connecting to an ad-hoc it is always setting on “obtaining IP Address…” & the ad-hoc is set to be automatic.
    (WEP security is used)

    went over the log that is set in the bottom of the application, everything is “Fine” and all was implemented correctly to replacing the wpa_supplicant.

    my phone is rooted with KERNEL “KJ2” – superuser privvileges for you app.

    any ideas?

    btw, great work … Thumbs up.

  42. Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) says:

    yes, i tried factory restore. but when i click verify prerequisites and enable wifi ad hoc and tried to restart my wifi, it cant detect my adhoc network.i just wondering what do you mean by “BusyBox (don’t forget to actually use the BusyBox wrapper app to download the BusyBox binary!)” i downloaded busybox installer v1.19.2 stericson. please help me.. my unit is samsung galaxy gt-s5360.

  43. Fabio says:

    Devise: Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Android: 2.3.6

    I lunch your sw, I press 1) verify prerequisites and this is the response: Unable to execute root commands using the su binary while mounting system partition. Please verify root access and busybox on your device. Please help me. BR Fabio

  44. Ali says:

    When to add the galaxy tab 7.7 p6800? Pls. Work on it..

  45. D says:

    Don’t think it works on Galaxy Nexus GSM.

    Shame 🙂

  46. deepak says:

    I tried it on my galaxy s gt-i9000, it didn’t work. I have installed teamHacksung’s CM9 build 15, and whatever kernel it came with. When I started, I checked prerequisite, everything fine, no error. Then I moved to enable ad-hoc wifi, still everything went fine, no error atleast on terminal I see everything succeeded.
    But, now when I switch on my wifi, it is stuck at switching wifi on, and it never switched on.

  47. Fabio says:

    Hi Arend, I installed busybox and now it work well! It work only with out WEP password. I need use adhoc with protect WEP. Could you help me? Thanks in advance. Fabio Italy.

  48. giacomo says:

    Somebody know if it works in Samsung galaxy 551?

  49. user says:

    not work in GT-I9000 android 2.3.3

  50. Pat says:

    I installed it, the prerequisite step went fine.
    I can now see the Ad Hoc SSID, the phone connect to it, then keeps on looping at the following steps “obtaining IP address” and disconnect!
    I have HTC EVO 4G with 2.3.3.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

  51. SaliMonium says:

    Hi Arend …
    Thank you for this great app, but Unfortunately it dose not work on Galaxy S GT-I9000 ICS, like CM9 or TEAM ICSSGS roms. So I hope if you fix it.


  52. Jim says:

    Tried it on ice cream sandwich running on my Nook color, didnt work. no wifi at all.
    Then did the ‘restore’ which returned the wifi to working… need adhoc because I use my own hotspot on a N900

  53. R says:

    Thanks for the app, but it puts my Droid Incredible 2 running TSM GingerBangSense “M” Version 4.5 into a bootloop.

  54. GT-P6210 says:

    Hi Arend …
    Thank you for this great app, but Unfortunately it dose not work on Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus However it was posible to restore, and that is quite good.

    My tab is GT-P6210.Since to me that the files required are in diferente directory.

    Thank you.

    • Arend says:

      Do you know in which directory the file should live ?

    • GT-P6210 new 1st Android says:

      Hello GT-P610, no luck with this App, or manual option at: How to Enable Adhoc on Android “site”. Just not skilled enough to custom fit all the Commands where they must go, using SU manual method…Thinking I am willing to send it to someone skilled to do.

  55. Gunni says:

    Thx. Great App. Did work on my brandnew Zenithink ZT-280 C71 (m model) with Android 4.0.3

  56. doom71 says:

    Arend, tried your app with a HTC Desire running ICS by Sandvold. Didn’t work. Restore worked okay. Unable to send you a report directly from the app.

  57. Jay says:

    Tried it on my HTC Incredible S with 2.3.3 RUU, it turned into bootloop, and I forgot to backup! Damn…

  58. Pauluzzz says:

    Hi Arend, thanks for the efforts!!
    I installed the app on a Samsung Galaxy Mini, but without luck. The installation works smootlhy, but I still cannot see Ad Hoc WiFi networks (Connectify in this case)

  59. Pauluzzz says:

    Ups, but if I actually enable WiFi, it does work. Sorry for that, please add the samsung galaxy mini as a “Repotted to work on”.

  60. Nilesh says:

    Problem with galaxy mini gingerbread 2.3.6. Can detect network but gets stuck at ‘obtaining ip address’. Please help.

    • Arend says:

      Even on my Galaxy Tab it doesn’t always work on the first go. Not getting an ip adres can also be related to poor 3g/4g/edge/gsm reception.

  61. Chandrakant says:

    It does not work for Galaxy Y. Please give step by step approach

    • Arend says:

      Due to the many different roms available for a specific device, it could well be that it works for one Galaxy Y and not for another. If it doesn’t work for you there is little I can do for the moment.

  62. mkchan says:

    able to detect network on LG O2X running ICS 4.0.3 (CM9 selfkang3 by RC) but not able to connect and network disappear after trying to connect. would really be glad if this would be sorted out. Im willing to help for testing.

  63. Rishi Doshi says:

    I get this on ‘verify’: “Unable to mount filesystem in read/write mode” log says: “Unable to execute root commands using the su binary while mounting system partition. Please verify root access and BusyBox on your device”
    Well i do have root access and the log itself says BusyBox version v1.17.2
    I have a chinese H7000 model.
    please help me.

    • Rishi Doshi says:

      Edit: Ok i installed busybox and it did complete the operation. BUT it doesnt work. wifi doesnt turn on. It just goes on-off-on-off. Thank god for the ‘restore’ feature. 5 stars for that! 😛 (phone H7000 rooted. stock 2.2)

  64. JJ says:

    I wonder if anyone knows if the program works in Toshiba AT100-100. Thank you.

  65. MikeH says:

    I noticed several people claim this doesn’t fully work on the latest OTA 2.3.6 el29 update for the Epic 4g Touch including mine (now rooted). Have tested on both that rom and Blazer 4 (cudos to PhantomHacker)
    Before nothing ad hoc was shown. Now I see *SSID and SSID of the same device. When attempting to connect to *SSID wifi attempts, then switches from *SSID to SSID and connects. No functionality. Using OBDII wifi adapter(s)(all are ad hoc) to read auto data with Torque and DashCommand. Adapters work fine on Win7 Laptop with various software.

    Would love for you and PhantomHacker resolve this supplicant issue

  66. vicharn says:

    very great app!!!

  67. maganto24 says:

    hi arend i install this to my lenovo ideapad a1 and it cause it trouble. it cant connect even with wifi, i hard reset it but whenever i connect to wifi it keeps on saying obtaining ip address and afterwards network not in range.. what will i do can you please help me.. cant use my tab without connection. thanks

    • Arend says:

      Did you try the restore button ? A hard reset will only reset all apps and user data, not the system partition that is modified by this app. You will need to flash your rom back to stock (or your rom of choice) if the apps restore function isn’t working..

  68. Ren says:

    Does not seem to work on saycool a710. But could be that i am doing something wrong.

  69. Ola Lundström says:

    Hello Arend!

    I am thinking of installing your wifi ad-hoc enabler on an android tablet Ainol Novo 7 Basic, running android 4.03 (rooted).

    Do you know of anyone having your application working on this or a similair tablet?

    I know that I have to take the risk (and have a backup) if I try, but would like to know if you think it is likely that it will work.

    / Ola

    • Arend says:

      I have to know the model ID so I can look it up. You can safely install the app en run the prerequisites test which will allow you to send a report. This report contains the model string like: “Found Device model: GT-N7000” You can send me the report or just mention the model id.

      Regards, Arend

  70. Rishi Doshi says:

    Hi Arend,
    Nice to see that you’re replying to people. Can you comment on my case? Chinese H7000 phone. Stock 2.2. It doesn’t have 3G. I just want to connect to my E71’s 3G data via Joiku. Even bluetooth will do. Thanks man!

  71. Gwenae08 says:

    hello Arend

    I have this message : “Unable to mount filesystem in read/write mode” “Unable to execute root commands using the su binary while mounting system partition. Please verify root access and BusyBox on your device”
    Please , help me . Many thanks


  72. Gwenae08 says:

    hello Arend

    I have this message :
    sh:[1]: grep : no found
    “Unable to mount filesystem in read/write mode” “Unable to execute root commands using the su binary while mounting system partition. Please verify root access and BusyBox on your device”
    Please , help me . Many thanks


  73. Raziel says:

    Great app, it worked on myTouch 4G

  74. Massi says:

    It seems to work on Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3.5 (but I cannot try to connect to any infrastructure wifi network after used the app because there is not such a network in my town… SO I cannot tell if infrastructure connection still works!) even without installing the BusyBox (ehm… I forgot to do it!). I can finally use ad-hoc connection with my Windows Vista laptop… Thank you!
    Just a question: if i’ll ever have to unroot my mobile, will I have to “restore wifi settingt to the original state” before do it or it will be automatically?
    Thank you for the app!!

    • Arend says:

      Busybox was probably already available on your device. You should restore before unrooting as the restore process needs root access. Regardsx, Arend

  75. RjCook says:

    Thanks for your work. I just installed it on my Acer A500 using 3.2.1 & it worked great. Now if I can just figure out how to get the apps to link thru the proxyserver to the browser I would be in hog heaven

  76. RjCook says:

    Question for ya. Iv enabled the adhoc wifi on my Acer a500 and am able to connect to my laptops internet connection thru a proxyserver. I can brows all I want but I can’t seem to download anything and apps that require internet connectivity will not function.
    Any insights would be helpful. Thanks

    • Arend says:

      Are you sure it has nothing to do with the proxy ? It should not matter whether the image is downloaded/cached as part of a website, or because you clicked a download link.

  77. gwenae08 says:

    Hi arend

    Many thanks
    your new update solved the “grep not found” problem and all is OK

  78. xm says:

    LG p690 Worked

  79. Brad says:

    I’m quite new to android with an Acer A500 tab that is NOT rooted.
    Does my devices have to be rooted to use this app to connect to an ad-hoc network?

  80. FRANCISCO says:

    tengo una ainol 7 basic , root, busybox.
    La app se instala comienza a funcionar, me dice que pruebe si se realizò el cambio.
    Pruebo pero no lo ha logrado.
    Lo que si funcionò fuè la restauraciòn a la configuraciòn wifi de fabrica

  81. NJ says:

    I tried your application on Galaxy Nexus. It got installed successfully but while enabling the wifi adhoc it throws an error that “Unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf”.
    The wifi is not switching on after that. Can this be fixed?

    • NJ says:

      I am having Android 4.0.1 on the system

      • Arend says:

        I don’t think that’s the problem as the app doesn’t modify that file besides trying to change the ownership. Maybe I should just remove the change ownership of supplicant.conf stuff all together. But that’s not going to help you I’m afraid.

        • Anders says:

          Getting the same error on my Galaxy Nexus:
          “chown: unknown user/group system:wifi”

          Tried in adb shell and it accepts the command “chown system.wifi wpa_supplicant.conf”, but not “chown system:wifi wpa_supplicant.conf”

          Could it be that it should be “system.wifi” instead of “system:wifi”?

  82. kemocan says:

    Thanks. its working on my Huawei ideos X5 dzo aurora v1.11 Android 4.0.3

  83. Arend says:

    Ok Anders, good luck. Hope you find something that I can integrate in the app.

  84. ALBI says:


    Hi…when a version working on this tablet ( android 4.0.3 ) will arrive..?

  85. Ville says:

    Somebody tried this application on Asus Transformer Prime running on ICS? Did it work?

    • Arend says:

      Just checked the reports and I have one report of failure coming from a TF201. I have changed some options that should allow it to work on this device, but it appears not to work yet.

  86. ALBI says:


    Hi…when a version working on this tablet ( android 4.0.3 ) will arrive..?

    in wpa supplicant conf ..normally…when using wifi..at home….I have this config ( so no user no pw..)


    and your program cannot modify ….
    what to do..


    • Arend says:

      Hi albi,

      The app does not change anything in the supplicant.conf file, except for setting permissions on the file itself. You should be able to edit it yourself if need be. Regarding 4.0.3, for some it works (for me for instance) but this depends more on the device then it depends on the Android version. What kind of Android device / model do you have ?

  87. ALBI says:

    I have nove ainol elf…with version 4.03
    how to change.?

  88. ALBI says:


  89. giallokid says:

    Thank you. Good work for my sony tablet s.

  90. Cybie257 says:

    Works great on alpha cm9 ics 4.0.3 for lenovo k1…

  91. Arend says:

    The future

    It was fun working on this app, but it has proven to be difficult to make something that enables Ad Hoc on a wide spectrum of Android devices.
    Therefor I will no longer be updating this application and will remove the “report to developer” option.
    My next project: running Linux native on my Galaxy Tab P7510.
    Starting point will be this thread by poitee -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1189251

    Thanks for all the feedback.

  92. GT-P6210 says:

    Hi Arend: Now I have new problem, It does not restore wifi setting to original state, that is to say, now I don’t have wifi at all.

    First : “chown : unknown user/group system:wifi ”
    For me there is not system:wifi o system.wifi. but there is a system/wifi.

    My kernel (update from Kies))
    Finally, could you tell my How to “rom back to stock”

    Thank you!!.

    • Arend says:

      Sorry to hear you have these problems. You can most probably find the flash program and original stock rom here: http://www.sammobile.com/firmware/

      Keep in mind that this will reset your tablet and sdcard so backup any important data.

      btw, I don’t think the chown issue is causing the restore problems, what does cause these problems I don’t know.

  93. GT-P6210 says:

    OK. thank you!
    I hope you find nice result in your new projet.

    Good Luck.

  94. I hope your app will work on Samsung Galaxy S II…

  95. Al says:

    Thanks for your app
    it seems working fine on tablet Lenovo A1
    rom vers 2643_GR root + busybox (stericson)

    Hotspot for 3G with Nokia E51 ( Joikuspot ) OK !

  96. Vasilij says:

    Texet-7025 http://texet.ru/tablet/tm7025.htm
    Android 4.0.1
    Begin starting wi-fi … turn itself wifi “off”.
    Here is original “wpa_supplicant”

  97. GT-P6210 says:

    Hi, for those guy that want go back to the original status, You can most probably find the flash program and original stock rom here:


    It was ok form me and now I got it back. Thank you.

  98. aydamari says:

    Great app, used to work just fine with Gingerbread… For some reason it doesn’t work with ICS. Hope to hear some good news from you soon. Device: I9100 (SGS2).

  99. moophat says:

    Worked nicely on transformer tf101 – ROM cook revolution HD 3.0.1(ICS based).Thank you for this life saving app

  100. Phil Samuels says:

    This appears to be a great App. I installed it on my UPlay 7″ Tablet, with Android 2.2 (and intend to install it on my Kindle Fire, once I get it working). The installation was perfect and easy (of course, I had rooted my tablet and installed BusyBox). Once I restarted my Wifi services, my tablet immediately recognized the Ad Hoc Network (Barnacle Wifi Tethering). Unfortunately, after “attempting to connect,” it switched to “disconnected,” without connecting. I remember reading that there was a “setting” I had to use for connecting to an Ad Hoc network with this software, but I couldn’t find the reference. I believe that, once that setting is done, it will connect. Please let me know what I have to do.

    This is a very valuable app and I look forward to your improvements and updates.

    Thank you!

    • Arend says:

      Earlier versions had a settings page where you could force the app to do its magic. This has been removed and works without any special settings. So I fear it may not work for you. The only thing that comes to mind is disabling wpa/wep and see if it works without any security in place.

  101. for8verlik says:

    Thank you arend, have beenusing this in GB , however this isn’t working in ics, hope you hear your good news..

    On Samsung galaxy s2 ics rom

  102. suby says:

    SGS2 on ICS system

    it say that can not find wpa_applicant when i press excute.

  103. Rishi Doshi says:

    I found a workaround for my case…
    1st of all I have /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    instead of the conventional /data/system/wpa_supplicant or something.
    next.. here’s what I did..

    Step1: Turn OFF WiFi and Modify file /etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf with following lines

    ctrl_interface=DIR=/data/misc/wpa_supplicant GROUP=wifi
    ssid=”SSID of your ad-hoc network“
    ssid=“SSID of your accesspoint“
    psk=”Your WPA Key“

    STEP2: Delete (or backup) file /data/misc/wif/wpa_supplicant.conf
    STEP3: Restart phone, Turn ON WiFi and you will only see & connect to the WiFi networks that you have entered in the wpa_supplicant.conf file.

    I can now connect to JoikuSpot on E71.
    But do not scan any network else the data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf gets overwritten. (You can simple delete this file and start wifi again. Not a problem)
    I don’t know how to make it to scan and connect to any other network.
    example separate settings for wifi home and wifi office.

    Hope it helps you (or someone) in some way.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Dimitri says:

      I think it miss a part at the beginning line

      ctrl_interface=DIR=/data/misc/wpa_supplicant GROUP=wifi

      btw I’ve the same problem, no /data/system/wpa_supplicant so the app wont work

  104. Pauljnot says:

    I rooted my TF201 using the sparkyroot app, however when performing step 1 (verify prerequisites) the following pops-up.

    “Unable to gain root access, please verify you have rooted your device. If already done, please grant this application root access”

    I guess my wuestion therefore is how do i grant the WiFi Ad Hoc Enabler App root access?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  105. Leonardo says:

    It´s not working with Motorola Xoom 2 Media edition model MZ607.
    Message: “Unable to modify ownership os supplicant.conf”
    Please fix this. Urgently.

    • Maniac says:

      mine does the same thing but i AM able to connect without a problem….try connecting after u hit ok when u get that error..i thought the same when i saw that then my phone immediatly picked up my friends tether n wifi went green!!!

  106. Max says:

    Android 4.0.3
    Tablet Ainol NovoElf 7
    Doesn’t work.

    The problem is on last command
    “chown system:wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf”
    unknow user/group system:wifi

    in fact exists system.wifi not system:wifi

    if you replace last command with
    “chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf”
    probably works.

  107. Arend says:

    I am aware of the “Unable to modify ownership on supplicant.conf” I will fix this any time soon but I don’t think it wil make a difference. It was mentioned in one of the how to’s for enabling ad hoc wifi, but I found it not to be required. Especially since that file is never modified or accessed by my app except for trying to change the permissions… Anyway I will look into fixing it somewhere next weekend.

  108. jorge says:

    not working in samsung galaxy y duos GT-S6102

  109. Graeme Cosans says:

    Thankyou –
    Worked perfectly on my Zenithink ZTPad tablet (ebay) running Android 4.03 connecting into a Nokia N95 running JoikuSpot 3.1

  110. Vadim says:

    Doesn‛t work on Archos Arnova 10G2 (Android 2.3.4), rooted. Please fix this.

  111. CMPR500 says:

    Toshiba Thrive Running HTK55D.31.5.003 with DaleNet Easy Flash Root. Works great. Thanks!!

  112. JorgeR3 says:

    Samsung Galaxy Prevail

    not work 🙁 unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf.

    i am root!!!!

    • Maniac says:

      mine does that every time but still works just fine i just click ok and i can still connect to my friends phone…FYI

  113. Rob B says:

    HTC EVO 4G Running 2.3.5 Custom MikG v3.11
    Downloaded and installed ran several times getting the “unable to modify ownership” or “unable to copy” errors. I then thought to disable the wireless(should have in the first place) and ran the app again. I got the message saying adhoc was enabled, but beneath that was the same old “unable to modify ownership…” However, after restarting wifi I am now able to see and connect to ad hoc networks with full internet access. Thanks for a great app and continue to do great work.

  114. abdulwaheed says:

    Hi just want to say that its working on my zenithink c91 tablet with android 4.03 I’m connecting to htc g1
    However there was an error changing the permissions to the .conf file
    Also I couldn’t send you the “it works from the program’ the button is greyed out


  115. Arend says:

    Thanks for the comments guys,

    I haven’t found time to work on this app yet due to other work related projects. There are some fixes that need to be applied. I also disabled reporting in the latest version because of the sheer number of emails. I will try to come up with a better way to handle this. It also doesn’t work on the latest Android ICS builds (4.04), I will have to find out what’s wrong.



    • Prince says:

      Pls fix probe and update. Earlier with honeycomb it was working fine for Samsung GT P 7300. After upgrading to ICS 4.1.2. WiFi enabler not functioning. It was a wonderful application I used to use frequently with my Nokia n8 with Joikuspot. Pls help. Thanks and regards

  116. punker says:

    doesnt work on epic 4g sph-d700 gets an aborted error

  117. Ammar says:

    “unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf.”
    devise : sony ericsson live with walkman
    android v: 2.3.4
    rooted device

  118. Ammar says:

    ssid=“SSID of your accesspoint“
    would please tell me where i can find my SSID

  119. kydor says:

    don’t work! all message are “success” but last says “unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf.”

    ONDA Andy dual sim phone

    Android 2.2.1 kernel onda@build machine

  120. sami says:

    htc incredibles s 2.3.5
    working ??? or not working ???

  121. tom de groot says:

    hallo Arend. Ik ben nu al twee weken aan het proberen mijn samsung tab8.9 7310 met de wifi adhoc aan de praat te krijgen met joikuspot op mijn nokia n8. Helaas is jouw app niet te vinden. Is het mogelijk die naar mij te mailen? Ik zou dat erg op prijs stellen. Alvast bedankt, groet tom.

  122. Jianna says:

    does it work on Samsung GTS5360

  123. Antonio says:

    hi i write this email, because i have a tablet wolder mitab citymax, and I have a nokia C7 with joikuspot, but the tablet doesn’t see nokia C7. will Wifi adhoc enabler work right?

  124. John says:

    Is not working on Galaxy Nexus, ICS 4.0.4 – wi-fi not working, I’ve used restore mode in a program. So sad…

  125. Litre says:

    It Works, I have a Lenovo A1-0 GB 2.3.4 and a chinese android 2.2 with Barnacle Wifi Tether, send me an error about can’t modify .conf file but still works

  126. Motoyasu Ohno says:

    Filnary, I was able to connect my windows phone with Adohoc mode.

  127. Wouter says:

    Any idea if any Android updates are planned allowing everybody to turn their droid into a client to an ad-hoc network?

    What is the reason Android does not support this and iOS does?

  128. dwayne says:

    it works on the samsung galaxy player 5.0

  129. Mainiac says:

    Works great….LG Optimus tethering to another LG Optimus

  130. Mike says:

    WiFi Ad Hoc enabler worked perfectly one time then would not connect again. As with other reply my Tab 10.1 creates a new network (*)network and tries to connect to the original network name but the signal is reduced to almost 0 and never connects. I when I try to connect WiFi Ad Hoc enabler I get the error message “unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf”

  131. DAN says:

    Worked perfectly on ZTPad ICs 4.0.3 tablet thanks

  132. Baz says:

    Not working on :

    adhoc enabler version 1.6
    device : lt18i arc s
    android : gb 2.3.4
    kernel :

    also after restoring original state the “scanning” word that shows under Wi-Fi is unvisible .. thank U

  133. Maniac says:

    Works Great LG Optimus Net (LGl45c)…only one small issue…wifi sometimes disconnects on its own but all i have to do is turn it off and then back on again!!!thnx..

  134. Arend says:

    Hi all, as you might know I no longer work on this app. My current phones (HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy) have WiFi hot spot mode (infrastructure). I also believe that to be much more stable and the way forward. I pulled the app from this site and the Play Store but it is obviously available from many other sites. I pulled it offline because of the risk to lose all WiFi connectivity, and not everyone is knowledgeable enough to restore a rom. I’ve had to guide too many to get their phone back online…

    Anyway, take care but don’t expect any updates.

    • wilfred says:

      I am not able to download the wifi adhoc enabler. Does anyone knows where to download this file. alternatively, you can inbox me the file and i would appreciate

  135. xLirik says:

    not working on TF300T =((

  136. Odynko says:

    Don´t show signal strenght, but it works on Huawei mediapad 7, android 4.0.3.

  137. terapia says:

    work on zenithink zt-280 C71

  138. Roman Ser says:

    Don’t work ainol novo 7 advanced 2

  139. frank says:

    Thanks!But is not working on Samsung galaxy NOTE2 N7100 4.1.1 rom.
    Please fix it!

  140. CME64 says:

    Hey Arend,
    good work, though it doesn’t work on my SG-I9300 (ics 4.0.4) yet,
    can you solve the “ownership of supplicant.conf” soon ?
    if you don’t have the time please share the source code and let us try doing something rather than just waiting

    • Arend says:

      I am currently en route to Spain but I can give you the source. I believe the ownership issue is not the cause of it not working. It is the wpa_supplicant binary which I have pulled (as binary) from other sources. The app just handles the process of placing that binary in the right spot. Anyway, I Look into it in the afternoon.

  141. Andreas says:

    Hi there,
    is there any chance to get somewhere the WifiAdHocEnabler.apk file? Since months I’m looking for a possiblitiy to connect my Samsung Galaxy Tab2 via my Nokia E7 which unfortunately only provides ad hoc mode. If apk not availavble can somebody give a hint to make ad hoc conections available on my IceCream device. Tried a lot of thing posted on web but nothing gave success. THX in advance.

    • Arend says:

      CME64 has the code and is looking if he can get it working on ICS. It has worked on early builds of ICS, but doesn’t work on anything recent. I could give you the APK but it wouldn’t help you.

      • Andreas says:

        Hi Arend,

        THX for your quick reply. By accident I found another workaround yesterday which works fine for me without further hacking of wpa_supplicant.conf and friends. My Nokia E7 supports Bluetooth DUN and finding BlueVPN on PlayStore I’m able now to go online via BT modem. Great stuff to use as workaround for travel.



  142. Kalpesh Wani says:


    Great app. I tried on my samsung galaxy 551 (GT5510) I am able to see ad hoc networks but not able to connect .. it says disconnected after few seconds. What can be possible reason?

  143. Ekus says:

    Working on spanish tablet bq Edison. Thanks a lot.

  144. Buzz says:

    I think you should also ask ROM developers to enable adhoc network, I guess it can be done by someone who can customize kernel,
    I use Jacob’s Kernel on my HTC Wilfire and it could connect to adhoc wifi without any configuration. I still use it on my Wilfire.

    Now I have S2 with Stock ROM, I have found a hack in XDA forum post

    you can try if you are not rooted and want to use adhoc wifi.

  145. Prince says:

    Pls fix probe and update. Earlier with honeycomb it was working fine for Samsung GT P 7300. After upgrading to ICS 4.1.2. WiFi enabler not functioning. It was a wonderful application I used to use frequently with my Nokia n8 with Joikuspot. Pls help. Thanks and regards -Prince

    • Arend says:

      If anyone wants to continue working on this I would be happy to share the source. But my devices no longer require ad-hoc mode. I believe ad-hoc is going the way of the dodo, so it’s not worth investing much time in.

  146. Eldar says:

    FreeLander PD20, Android 4.0.3, Message: “Unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf”.. Please fix

  147. chetan says:

    i am using samsung SCH-i509 android mobile. and i want to use internet from my laptop.
    in my mobile Ad Hoc not available
    how to install AD Hoc in my mobile

  148. PhuongCham says:

    Pls fix probe and update. Earlier with honeycomb it was working fine for LG NEXUS 4, WiFi enabler not functioning. It was a wonderful application I used to use frequently with my Nokia 5800 with Joikuspot. Pls help. Thanks and regards -Prince

    • Arend says:


      I have halted all development efforts. The problem is that Add-Hoc WiFi is something of the past. Almost all new phones have AP functionality and or WiFi Direct mode.
      I have no immediate use for it since my current line of tablets and phones have AP mode. Also, there is no easy fix to make it work on recent Android versions.

      I’m sorry but that’s the current state of affairs.

  149. Ahmed says:

    I rooted my galaxy ace s5830i
    and then installed the app
    and when i press the 1st step(verify prerequisites)
    it says
    “Unable to gain root access, please verify you have rooted your device. If already done, please grant this application root access”
    i dont know why ??!!!!
    but i need that app very much so plz i need an answer to solve it ,,

  150. K4f says:

    On Desire HD ICS Not working. Any ideas for ad hoc on it?

  151. Peter says:

    Hi Folks!
    I’ve tried the Wifi Ad Hoc enabler v1.84 on my Archos 80 Titanium with Jelly bean 4.11. It’s a Rockchip rk3066 device. It doesn’t work for me :/

    I want to connect to my Nokia phone via Joikuspot premium v3.2.

    Isn’t there an updated version for jelly bean available??

  152. Ryan says:

    Hi Arend. I’m using an HTC One X+ and have already followed everything correctly. Problem is, after trying to restart the wifi scanner, it says “error”, and would only work again after restoring the adhoc enabler to default settings.
    Would be eternally grateful for your help, cause I really need to play on local with my friends XD
    Thanks man.

    • Arend says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I pulled the app from the store because it proved to be impossible to get it working across the many different devices and Android versions. I’m afraid I have no solution.



  153. fadwa says:

    I have nexus 4 android 4.2.2
    i did the same steps and it seem that all works fine ,but when i do enable adhoc network in the application ,the ouput say success ,
    when I go to restart wifi still off
    have you any idea why it doesn’t work for me .
    Thank you

  154. ilua says:


    I will not turn wi fi, please help me.
    my device is samsung galaxy tab 2 gt-p5110.

    Best regards

  155. ilua says:

    Please adding tab 2 gt-p5110 in your programm.
    Thank you.

    Best regards

  156. i9100 says:

    on i9100 with android 4.1.2 after push enable button, wi-fi made off forever, until reflashing rom.
    consider this situation.

  157. Rommel says:

    doesnt work for HTC one X (international Version)
    it pop up a message of ( unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf )

  158. munya says:

    hi there im REALY scared to root my brand new acer iconia b1-710 is there a verssion of this for non-root users?

    • Arend says:

      Don’t do it, this is pretty old code that used to work on certain Android roms. On many it doesn’t. That’s why I pulled it from the Google Play Store, but many other stores already distributed the app, which I have no control over.

  159. POD666 says:

    Xperia st15i android 4.0.4
    unable to modify ownership of supplicant.conf

    restore wifi settings to original state button isnt enabled so i have broken wifi =(

    when will you publish new version(hope working version) of app?

  160. hadi says:

    ainol numy 3g ax1
    android v4.2.1
    Pls Fast

  161. eslam says:

    please.add LG l7 II p713

  162. nyarko says:

    Motorola fire xt311 android 2.3.5

  163. Hadi says:

    Its not working for me
    Pleas help me
    Ainol Numy Ax1 3G
    Android 4.2.1
    Ram 1 DDR3

  164. Ravi Chettri says:

    I use Nokia N8 phone and have Merlin 10.1″ android tablet which does not have Sim card facility hence uses only WiFi..so I tried and installed “WiFi Ad Hoc enabler” which obviously did not work and now I cannot switch on WiFi in my Tablet. It switches back to OFF position and cannot detect any SSIDs. I Reset the tablet but still I cannot get my Wifi ON..Pls advise

    • Arend says:

      Hello Ravi Chettri,

      I am sorry to hear about the problems you have with this app. Your only option will be to reflash the rom, as a generic factory/reset only removes user data, not system files.



  165. Max says:

    Hi, i have a tablet TAB 001 Allwinner A13, well this tab can see Ad hoc network by default but didnt connect them, after i have installed Ad hoc enabler wi-fi didnt start, well i return on stock,now again it can see ad hoc but cannot connect.This is my specification Allwinner A13 Android 4.0.4 Kernel version 3.0.8+
    build number nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20131102 test keys.I have changed wpa supplicant too ,but after that wi fi didnt start.Wi-Fi chip in this tablet is Realtek,so please can help me?answer on email please.Sorry about my bad english.Thanks a lot

  166. joe says:


    android unable to mount filesystem in read write mode

    can anyone help me?

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